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Dylan v.d Merwe dylanvdm at icon.co.za
Fri Apr 4 11:12:31 PST 2003

This is a question which should go unanswered as you are provided with all
the info you need to deduct what's wrong. Let me help you, and everyone else

Briefly gcc 2.96 is an unofficial release of the gcc compiler and
ircservices does not work on it. To get them to work either upgrade to gcc
3.x or downgrade to 2.95.3.

There is a work around though. Though I really do recommend that you upgrade
or downgrade your compiler because if you follow the workaround we will
*not* help you with any problems you may experience.

Okay so now you have the latest version under your belt. You have done
./configure and you are given this message:

*** WHOA THERE! ***

Your system seems to have gcc 2.96 installed.
This is an unofficial release of the GCC compiler which
contains serious bugs and cannot compile Services correctly.

Please upgrade GCC to a newer version, or downgrade to
version 2.95.3, before compiling Services.

See question B.1 in the FAQ for details.

To save you the time of checking up in the FAQ, read below.

B.1. When I run "make", I get an error message like "missing separator",
     "Need an operator", "Unexpected end of line seen", etc.

	Your make program isn't compatible with the Makefile for Services.
	The Makefile was designed to work with GNU make, and as such may
	not work on other systems' "make" programs.  If you get an error
	from "make", obtain GNU make from ftp://prep.ai.mit.edu/pub/gnu/
	(or wherever you prefer) and use it instead of your system's
	default "make".  Note that GNU make may already be installed on
	your system; try using the command "gmake" instead of "make".

	The make programs bundled with SunOS/Solaris and FreeBSD have been
	reported not to work; you will need to use GNU make on these

Right now that you know what you're getting yourself into, lets make
services work with gcc 2.96. Remember that if you do this we will not
provide any assistance to you.

Run the ./configure script with the following suffix:

./configure -force-gcc-2.96

This will bypass the gcc 2.96 check and you can carry on with setting up
your services. Again this is not recommended and is unsupported, though I do
wish you luck.


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> Hi all,
> I've a problem, all my server runs gcc 2.9.6 on redhat 7.3, and i can't
> compile services 5.0.14
> Some one can help me?
> Alex
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