AW: [IRCServices Coding] Mail problem

Georges Berscheid georges at
Thu Apr 10 01:31:01 PDT 2003


if you change language files you need to watch (at least) 2 important
1. you MUST respect the format of language files (each identifier starts
with a capital letter at the very first columns of the line, subsequent
text lines referenced by this identifier must start with a tab (\t)
char. the end of the text and the next identifier is delimited by
exactly one newline (\n).
2. You MUST respect the order of parameters (%s, %d etc.) as it was in
the original text. Changing the order might cause services to crash.



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Ciappei Alessandro (las3r)
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 10. April 2003 10:16
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Betreff: [IRCServices Coding] Mail problem

Hi all,

I would like change a template of AUTH mail and other.
I chenge it in my language file for test, but services crash when i
like register a new nick.

I write a long mail template, where I describe my network and services.

Sorry for my english


Chi riceve il presente  messaggio e` tenuto a verificare se lo stesso
non gli
sia pervenuto per  errore.  In tal caso e` pregato di avvisare
il mittente  e,  tenuto  conto  delle  responsabilita` connesse
utilizzo e/o  divulgazione  del  messaggio  e/o  delle  informazioni  in
contenute,  voglia  cancellare  l'originale  e distruggere  le varie
copie  o

The receiver  of this message is required to check if  he/she has
received it
erroneously.  If  so,  the  receiver  is  requested to immediately
inform the
sender and - in consideration of the responsibilities  arising from
undue use
and/or disclosure of the message  and/or  the information contained
therein -
destroy the original message and any copy or printout thereof.

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