[IRCServices Coding] Help installing IRC Services

Benjamin Higginbotham draco at silverdragonden.com
Wed May 7 22:43:40 PDT 2003

I have a question, hopefully someone can help...

I'm trying to get Services to run with an unsupported IRCD, cyclone.  
The Cyclone distribution has version 4.49 of Services with a diff file. 
  I'm able to make the changes and compile everything just fine.  When I 
attempt to start services with a ./services my IRCD spits out an error 
about an N line (which I have, along with a C line), and in the 
services.log file she spits out an error in connecting to the server.

I know Cyclone is not a supported IRCD.  I don't suppose by chance 
anyone has a copy working with a Cyclone IRCD.  If so, how did you make 
it work.  If this is not the appropriate place to ask such questions, I 
would greatly appreciate a pointer in the right place to go.  I'm new 
to IRCD, so please forgive my ignorance.


Benjamin Higginbotham
draco at silverdragonden.com