[IRCServices Coding] Serious Bug, Probaby should be fixed

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Thu Jun 19 13:53:50 PDT 2003

     This can't happen unless your compiler is broken or you've modified

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org

>(gdb) bt
>#0  0x08053076 in irc_stricmp (s1=0x81c9f10 "Azheman|School", s2=0x0) at
>#1  0x281d804d in handle_nickserv (c=0x81ee100, close_ptr=0x41,
>path=0x81ef00e "Azheman|School") at dbaccess.c:679
>#2  0x281d6e5b in do_request (c=0x81ee100, close_ptr=0xbfbfe9ec) at
>#3  0x08054b6e in call_callback_5 (module=0x81c8600, id=97,
>arg1=0x81ee100, arg2=0xbfbfe9ec, arg3=0x0, arg4=0x0, arg5=0x0)
>    at modules.c:658
>#4  0x281cd226 in handle_request (c=0x81ee100) at main.c:694
>#5  0x281cc826 in do_readline (socket=0x8076000, param_unused=0x2) at
>#6  0x08056739 in check_sockets () at sockets.c:392
>#7  0x08052569 in main (ac=1, av=0xbfbffbf4, envp=0xbfbffbfc) at
>#8  0x0804c0b5 in _start ()
>(gdb) quit
>And I am currently running FreeBSD 5.0-Release.  As for the
>Azheman|School nickname, that is the nickname I clicked on that made it
>crash, however, if I click on any nickname, it does the same thing.
>Hope this helps Andrew.
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>     A GDB backtrace would be helpful:
>gdb /usr/local/bin/ircservices /usr/local/lib/ircservices/core
>    [or whatever your pathnames are]
>(gdb) bt
>------------- clip/copy and send from here --------------
>#0  ... at somefile.c:NNN
>#1  ...
>----------------------- to here -------------------------
>(gdb) quit
>If you don't get the "at somefile:NNN" in the backtrace, your executable
>is missing debugging information--recompile (make sure you haven't
>the "-g" in MORE_CFLAGS in the makefile) and don't strip the executable
>before running it.
>     Also, are you using a SPARC, i.e. Sun system?  GCC on SPARC systems
>has at least one bug that is triggered by Services and causes Services
>crash for apparently random reasons.
>  --Andrew Church
>    achurch at achurch.org
>    http://achurch.org/
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