[IRCServices Coding] Minor ChanServ bug

Gizm0 Gizm0 at ad2u.gr
Sat Aug 2 14:12:32 PDT 2003

I don't if anyone got this under his attention but since there was no reply ,
i'm sending the mail again... here it goes...

Ok, think about this.. /chanserv access #channel del all, deletes all channel's
access records..but if there is a nick "All" it does the same, instead of
deleting the "All" access record..I think that there are 2 things that we should
consider and do..add an "if" statement to check if there is a nick "All" in the
channel's access list or forbid the use of nick "All".If we choose the first
one, we can change a little bit the command from "del all" to "del all records"
or "del all nicks" or "del all access(es)"..C u all (: -- :)

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