[IRCServices Coding] Mass memos

Saturn saturn at jetirc.net
Wed Aug 13 15:51:16 PDT 2003

OK apparently you just don't read the meaning of my words very well, let me

As to the mass memo function, I did request it as a feature, but also
implied that I would like a suggestion for solutions to my problem...
telling me all the reasons why it is no so, is no help to ANYONE....

As to the delay, you misunderstand me (but apparently at least 2 other
people got it on the first blush):  I mean have services delay displaying
the logonnews for 10 seconds (or maybe delay defined in the config);  The
whole point is to allow the user to be fully logged in, join a channel, etc,
before the news is displayed to them, so that they will actually NOTICE it.

The global message works just fine, yes, however, if you stop to think about
it, it does NOT notify every user, rather only those that happen to be
online RIGHT NOW.  What about the 3/4 to 4/5 of my users who just happen to
be at work, asleep in another time zone, or simply offline today?  Shall I
global message every 30 minutes for 24 hours perhaps?  sheesh

As for those unregistered users not getting the news:  On my network, they
are unregistered, and therefore can go get the news off the website or by
asking around.  News is for regulars, and regulars register their nicks.
Registration is there for a reason: You get to keep your nick your own, you
get to have the network remember your access levels on channels, you get
ownership of channels if you wish, and you get access to memo functions,
among many other features.  If you choose not to register, then you choose
not to be involved in news memos, channel access lists, and you also choose
not to reserve your nick.  That is the choice of the user, and my mass memos
are intended for the network "regulars" -- those that care enough to
register, because they are regulars on the network.  I frankly don't care
about getting the news to those who do not wish to register.

If you want to be 100% equal to all users, then why not simply not run
services in the first place?  The whole point is that everyone registers.
Those that don't, do so of their own choice, and I think most users know
what they're giving up.

And for the record, mass memos as I've been forced to do them thus far, have
been met with good reviews and do, in fact, solve my problem.  The only
hitch is that people with linked nicks end up with multiple copies, and I
would appreciate an easier way to a) send a memo to all users, and b) avoid
users receiving multiple copies if they have linked nicks.  Is this really
so much to ask for?

Your condescending attitude is certainly not appreciated, and I will be
ignoring any future posts you make to this discussion group, but will be
eagerly reading any other suggestions anyone else does post.

Thanks to Trevor and Russell for the support on my suggestions -- at least I
know the friendly folks in the group can understand what I meant...


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Russell Garrett wrote:
> I think he's suggesting introducing a pause before services
> sends the notice, so that a user can have all their
> registration and channel joining out of the way, so that it
> appears at the bottom of a window full of rubbish. Which
> doesn't sound like such a bad idea.

But an impossible one. What about unregistered users - do they never get
the news? Users that join a channel manually rather than in perform so
would potentially join at this "delay" point?

Such a delay would be unlikely to make any difference but would make an
additional overhead on services while it maintains a list of recently
connected users in order to later send a message to them.

A lot of things that might not sound like a bad idea need a lot more
thought before considering for implementation.


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