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Ganja51 Ganja51 at lcirc.net
Sun Aug 17 19:04:33 PDT 2003

this is primarily handled at the ircd level and IMHO it's fine staying that
way. on my network i have aliases setup so you could /msg nickserv,
/nickserv, or /ns. all of them work just fine because the ircd handles all
the aliases. personally i see no need for a change.

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> > Find the english language file in the source..
> >
> > Read the warnings about format etc, and work with that :)
> A sort-of-related matter - I have a few patches against the English
> file to change such stuff as /msg nickserv to /nickserv, partly for
> and partly because /msging services is generally bad practice where
> have more secure aliases. It's sort of painful to keep up to date though,
> since every time the language file changes I have to fiddle about patching
> it.
> I wonder if it would be worth integrating such a thing into services as an
> option (compile-time maybe?). I think it would be good for the irc
> as a whole to get away from the habit of msging services directly if at
> possible. Opinions?
> Russ
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