[IRCServices Coding] Yet, another great suggestion

us44ever . us44ever at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 28 09:45:38 PDT 2003


it would be really great to add another new line to the "/nickserv info" 
command, for example, when some one types: "/nickserv info nick", the 
following will be shown:

-NickServ- nick is hello world
-NickServ- Is online from: ~test at just.a.test.co.za
-NickServ- Last seen time: Aug 28 15:51:14 2003 GMT
-NickServ- Time registered: Aug 28 00:13:35 2003 GMT
-NickServ- Last quit message: anythinggggg
-NickServ- Options: Kill protection, Security

the new line I'm suggesting is something like:

-NickServ- Time Now : Aug 28 15:54:04 2003 GMT

This will help our users to compare the time that user was last seen and the 
time right now *it's very important, many many of our users asked us for 
this option*, also it would even be more great to show how long last time 
the user was seen (some thing like: Last seen time: Aug 28 15:51:14 2003 GMT 
(last seen time was before: 10 days, 3hours and 24 sec ago).

Note that I saw both of these features, in other services I don't remember 
there names (but they aren't as stable as ircservices5) (it was something 
like ptlink services, and magik II)

That's all, I would really like to see it on the next version (or if you can 
show me how to do it, as I'm not a programmer)

Many thanks to all of who developed IRCservices ...etc ...etc ...etc


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