[IRCServices Coding] Re: [IRCServices] Yet, another great suggestion

Saturn saturn at jetirc.net
Sun Aug 31 13:47:16 PDT 2003

The argument is that the overwhelming majority of IRC users have no idea the
/time command exists, and even fewer are aware that they can specify a
server name after the /time command.  How would these people find out the
Services time zone?  Why does it all have to be so complicated??

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| By Saturn <saturn at jetirc.net>
|                                          [ 2003-08-31 21:29 +0200 ]
> I think it is... consider an international Network like mine:  every
> is in a different time zone -- How are users supposed to know what time
> the Services (pickign on Services' clock because Services are whats giving
> these notices!) is in??  Sure, they can do the /time command, if they even
> know abotu it.  But the vast majority of IRC users are ignorant of those
> sorts of commands, or even if they know about /time, they most likely have
> no idea they can specify a server with the command.

Erm, what's the argument here?  Services stipulates its timezone in its
timestamps.  As do all the other servers on the network.

Atleast mine do...

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