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That's what I see when I use it.  Yes, it does say "PDT" .. how many people
in, say Belgium, are going to know exactly what PDT is?  How about "PDT
(GMT-8)" as the format....?  Also, you'll note that it STILL gives no
indication as to the CURRENT time ... this is why the proper UTC code or
GMT+/-## is the best way to go IMHO.  I do also like the idea suggested by
us44ever ... the "(** days, ** minutes, and ** seconds ago)" idea... that
would be handy in any event.... and would eliminate the need for the current
time to be displayed....

On another note, I had forgotten the set timezone option, which certainly
would put more clarity on the output... however, I think my points above are
valid ones...

Unless of course I've missed a config setting that will tell it to report
the tiome zone as a function of GMT (plus or minus x hours, rather than zone
codes like PDT)...

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On Sunday, Aug 31, 2003, at 13:47 US/Pacific, Saturn wrote:

> The argument is that the overwhelming majority of IRC users have no
> idea the /time command exists, and even fewer are aware that they can
> specify a server name after the /time command.  How would these people
> find out the Services time zone?

You missed the point.  Services shows the time zone wherever it uses a
readable time -- i.e. in the nickserv/chanserv info displays.  Unless
you've changed your language file, in which case you can simply change
it back.

>   Why does it all have to be so complicated??

It isn't.  Your users can even use the handy-dandy /nickserv set
timezone command to make it even easier.

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>> I think it is... consider an international Network like mine:  every
>> server is in a different time zone -- How are users supposed to know
>> what time zone the Services (pickign on Services' clock because
>> Services are whats giving these notices!) is in??  Sure, they can do
>> the /time command, if they even know abotu it.  But the vast majority
>> of IRC users are ignorant of those sorts of commands, or even if they
>> know about /time, they most likely have no idea they can specify a
>> server with the command.
> Erm, what's the argument here?  Services stipulates its timezone in
> its timestamps.  As do all the other servers on the network.

-- Quension

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