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Not to mention the obvious:  You need to have an O:line and be opered up
before Operserv will even listen to your commands without access denied....

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make sure you are on the services administrator list, if you are not, get
the root administrator to add you using the command:

[22:27] -OperServ- Syntax: ADMIN ADD nickname
[22:27] -OperServ- ADMIN DEL nickname
[22:27] -OperServ- ADMIN LIST
[22:27] -OperServ-
[22:27] -OperServ- Allows the Services super-user to add or remove nicknames
[22:27] -OperServ- to or from the Services admin list. A user whose nickname
[22:27] -OperServ- is on the Services admin list and who has identified to
[22:27] -OperServ- NickServ will be able to access Services admin commands.
[22:27] -OperServ-
[22:27] -OperServ- Any IRC operator may use the ADMIN LIST form of the
[22:27] -OperServ- All other use limited to Services super-user.

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>Hi All
>can anyone help or point me to some good documentation regarding a
>version of unreal ircd we are running on a mandrake linux box..im mailing
>on behalf of the administrator who usually uses ssh to get into the box
>and make changes so im not super technical myself.the issue is with
>operserv..i cant access any operserv commands from my machine ( which
>is on the same local network as the box running the irc server ) always
>get operserv - access denied message..so im assuming it doesent
>recognise my remote ip address at an administrator..does anyone know
>the right sort of commands to use to set my remote machine to be
>recognised as admin or can they point me to any good support docs
>as i havent been able to find any yet
>many thanks
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