[IRCServices Coding] Re: Akill problem in 5.0.22

Saturn saturn at jetirc.net
Fri Oct 17 17:15:14 PDT 2003

>From a.html in the /docs directory:
operserv/akill (Autokill module settings)
    ImmediatelySendAutokill    [OPTIONAL]
        Causes OperServ to inform all servers of a new autokill or autokill
exclusion the moment it is added, rather than waiting for someone to match
it first.
    Example: ImmediatelySendAutokill

3.html#4-3 in the /docs directory does not speak to the
ImmediatelySendAutokill option except for the mention that:
  "(If the ImmediatelySendAutokill option in modules.conf is enabled, the
last-used time will never be set at all on these servers.)"
However, this is in the context of talking about Slines, etc, and as far as
I can tell has no new useful information to impart regarding my stated
problem: that services is NOT "Immediately sending the autokill" on my
network and thus when a new AKILL is added, the matching users/masks are not
being killed off, unless they are killed manually by an IRCop.  Yes, it IS
catching them when they attempt to re-connect, that was never a problem.  It
would make sense that if an autokill is added, that Services would
immediately trace the network and kill off any matches to that akill... at
least, it makes sense if this option is enabled.... (to me)

4.html#oper.akill doesn't mention it at all.


I really don't see where else I'm supposed to be looking here.  I've scoured
the docs and can see no other reference to it.  If there's something I'm
missing, perhaps instead of rudely, repeatedly telling me to RTFM, maybe
just tell me what it is I'm supposed to find!  I've already spend a few
hours reading through the docs (which I've already read about a dozen times
over the past year alone), and I'm telling you, there's nothing else about
it that I can find!!!

The ONLY thing I can come up with is that the feature name is misleading and
the option doesn't in fact do what it SEEMS it should do.  Could it be that
all that does is send the S/G/Z line (whatever is appropriate) to the
servers and that's all???  NOW I have to ask, why bother, if it'll do that
if/when they re-connect anyhow?

Additionally, if the reason I can't find the answer in the manual is because
the option DOESN'T make services kill all matches when the akill is added,
then Imust ask WHY that isn't an option, since it seems logically useful to
me and my staff.  Also, that being the case, why couldn't you simply SAY
that it's not designed to do that, instead of sending me hunting (TWICE) for
non-existant information in the docs???????

I'm very interested to hear the answer to these questions.  To put it
bluntly, I have been an extremely enthusiastic advocate of IRCServices for
over 3 years now, have turned many network owners onto them, and love them
to death.  The way you "talk" to your supporters on this forum sometimes
leaves a LOT to be desired.  If the feature doesn't exist as I understand
it, just SAY SO and save us all a lot of trouble -- don't just tell me to go
RTFM when the info I seek isn't IN it.  Having said that, if you can point
me to the info in the docs in the 5.0.22 distro and prove my claims as
baseless, I will offer my sincere apologies.  Until then, my opinion stands.


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>however all of what I read indicates that simply enabling the
>ImmediatelySendAutokill option in the modules.conf (coupled with the fact
>that everything ELSE is set up and workign properly) SHOULD cause services
>to immediately scan the network for clients matching the akill mask, and
>kill them.

     The documentation says nothing about this.  RTFM again.

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org
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