[IRCServices Coding] unparsed server messages

Ballsy ballsy at mystical.net
Fri Nov 28 12:40:12 PST 2003


	A very minor thing I noticed in my logs is that IRCServices don't seem to 
recognize global Zlines when synching network data.   Several messages 
resembling this end up in the log...

[Nov 28 15:25:15 2003] unknown message from server (:myserver.name SZLINE 
www.xxx.yyy.zzz :IP address is banned (Z-lined): Fizzer Trojan Infected)

	Incredibly minor issue, unless you have a ton of global Zlines I 
suppose.  It was just quiet on the -coding list today, so I figured what 
the hell.  I haven't looked at the code, but perhaps there's a list of 
"don't parse these messages" that the SZLINE one could be added to.