[IRCServices Coding] feature request: instant messanger fields

PHANTOm phantom at phntm.nix.org.il
Wed Dec 31 01:51:31 PST 2003

What I said was inappropriate and I am sorry for that,
I agree that this is not a priority feature and I'd sure like see mysql databases in ircservices a lot more then this, which would also make patching and modding so much easier.
I did code this little thing myself and now I am doomed with an incompatible database but since I already had this with vhosts it's not that big a change.

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This is a forum for discussion, not pointless flaming. Learn to show
some respect for other peoples opinions, even if they contrast with

Yes, your idea may hold some merit, however the time it would take up to
implement could be much better used elsewhere, on sorting out the
database format, for example.

If you want this feature so bad, then write a patch to achieve it. Don't
throw a tantrum and throw your toys around the room just because
(*shock* *horror*) someone actually disagrees with you.


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