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Sat Oct 23 23:09:11 PDT 2004

I think the services should have a verbose channel mode so that when
someone with access modifies the access list it tells the ops via notice
who did it and what they did. This would supplement the opnotice mode
and be the same general idea. For an example, please see DalNet (argh, I
know, it sucks, but they have quality verbose mode). Here is what I get
when an op ads an aop:
[12:01am] *ChanServ(@#southpark-episodes)* [VERBOSE]
bongboy!bongboy at => aop #southpark-episodes
add Studman2001
Or without the codes, 
[12:01am] *ChanServ(@#southpark-episodes)* [VERBOSE]
bongboy!bongboy at => aop #southpark-episodes add
Any chance on getting that added? It also notices when the akicks are
modified and whatnot.

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