[IRCServices Coding] Feature Request: EASY

Brent DiNicola ircservices at elric.net
Fri Jan 2 14:48:32 PST 2004

I would like to ask that you add the channel to the notice for the entrymsg.

Currently if I set the entry message to "Welcome" then when I join I will 
get a notice:

-Chanserv- Welcome

Could this be modified to include the channel name? For example:

-Chanserv- [#MyChannel] Welcome

This appears to be 1 line to change in the main.c of chanserv module, maybe
like the following from:
notice(s_ChanServ, user->nick, "%s", ci->entry_message);
notice(s_ChanServ, user->nick, "[%s] %s", ci->name, ci->entry_message);

If there is a better way, please let me know.