[IRCServices Coding] feature suggestion: httpd dump

Craig McLure Craig at chatspike.net
Mon Jan 5 05:05:40 PST 2004

who needs a MySQL database? we have managed to do the same thing with some inspired coding, and the current services configuration (reg a nick on irc.chatspike.net, then visit www.chatspike.net log in up the top, and click on 'My ChatSpike' to take a look :)) 'How it works' has already been discussed on this list.

However, some of your ideas have merit, and do deserve to be concidered, (except 'using Apache'), although any major changes would need to be made to the XML module itself, it shouldnt require any other source modifications.

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>This is probably going to be one of those features that has tons of objections and will take quite a while to make, still,
>The httpd isn't really apache standard, so why not use apache, plus, some sort of caching would be quite useful for scripts and things like this,
>I would like to suggest a sub module for httpd that will dump all the htmls from httpd to some folder as files once a command is issued.
>A command is preferably a signal from shell to be used in crontab or a timer setting.
>The directory structure should remain as on the httpd or flat (all to one folder).
>An option to possibly exporting the xml dbase would also be nice but can already be accomplished by -export
>This would mainly allow scripts like php and cgi to read information about the user (as a weak alternative for mysql) instead of asking the services' httpd to fetch the data up which consumes more time and resources.
>Development priority of this module should be obviously lower then a mysql backend :)
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