[IRCServices Coding] Posting to the IRC Services Lists - how to prevent your message bouncing

Andrew Kempe andrew at wtfigo.co.uk
Tue Jan 6 07:17:40 PST 2004

Just a friendly reminder...

Posts to either of the IRC Services mailing lists will bounce if:

* The address you post from (i.e. the address people see in the From: field)
is not subscribed to the list you're posting to.
* You CC more than 10 recipients.
* You BCC the list. This is the most common problem at the moment. You MUST
mail directly to the mailing list. (i.e. put the list's address in the To:

If a message bounces, fix the problem and repost it. I do not approve
bounced mails for later delivery to the list - the sheer volume of traffic I
have to deal with does not allow me the time.

Thanks, Andrew