[IRCServices Coding] Re: IRCServices-Coding Digest, Vol 12, Issue 7

Craig Edwards brain at brainbox.winbot.co.uk
Sat Jan 10 07:11:13 PST 2004

Apart from the still getting killed bit, "/ns set kill immed" will do this.

>>Here's another idea that might be useful:
>>Having an additional tag for nickserv set secure, (like "high" or some other name), meaning increased security regulations applied according to which you may only use INDETIFY command if you match an entry from the nickserv access list.
>>Possibly also that under this feature you will still get killed (if set) even if matching an entry in the access list.
>>This should be similar to the hostmask directive under the o:line some ircd's have.
>So, how do you propose people identify to change the access list?
>Say(like charter likes to do to me), your 'static' ip changes.