[IRCServices Coding] Fw: I have a new bug.

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Sun Jan 18 12:06:15 PST 2004

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From: TrAnCe 
To: Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2004 9:05 PM
Subject: I have a new bug.

If I disable auto-op and autoprotect , The Chanserv don't give  +q channel flag for founder.

-ChanServ (services at trefort.net)- Information for channel #arczok:
-ChanServ (services at trefort.net)- Founder: Toalett-Kacsa
-ChanServ (services at trefort.net)- Description: Mi vagyunk az arczok, gondoltad volna?
-ChanServ (services at trefort.net)- Registered: Nov 09 03:32:14 2002 CET
-ChanServ (services at trefort.net)- Last used: Jan 18 20:38:00 2004 CET
-ChanServ (services at trefort.net)- Last topic: /!\ http://scipio.axelero.net/tesco.jpg - Ajándék szesznek ne nézd a fokát! | Senginek nem let elvéve az oppja csak nincs autóp belyövéskor!!4 //cs op # $me beütésével lehett kérni!4
-ChanServ (services at trefort.net)- Topic set by: wtF
-ChanServ (services at trefort.net)- URL: http://www.arczok.hu
-ChanServ (services at trefort.net)- E-mail address: abattoir at arczok.hu
-ChanServ (services at trefort.net)- Options: Topic Retention, Secure Ops, Enforce
-ChanServ (services at trefort.net)- Mode lock: +ntRCS-impskcOAzQKVNGu

[20:35:43] ::: Toalett-Kacsa was kicked by wtF (Another one bites the dust...)
[20:35:43] ::: Joins: Toalett-Kacsa (abattoir at kiccsavo.hu)
[20:35:43] ::: Mode (ChanServ:#Arczok +o Toalett-Kacsa)

If the op levels is equal my access levels I will kick the founder.
Understand me?
To my mind is a bug!
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