[IRCServices Coding] SENDPASS with encryption...

DeadNotBuried . idontwantthisshit at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 4 16:05:21 PST 2004

also have a number/password to be sent to activate the new password, so if 
they didn't request it they can just ignore it and continue using their old 
password, and if they did request it they can do the /msg nickserv xxxxxx 
which changes their password to what was in the email.

>I'm looking forward to this module. It is what kept us from switching to
>encrypted passwords.
>Here's some ideas on the abuse problem:
>* Only allow usage of the command from hosts that are in the nickname's
>* Send the nick!user at host of the user that issued the command in the E-mail
>(it won't prevent abuse, but at least you'll know who's been playing 
>* Give a notice to services operators/admins each time the command is 
>* Limit the amount of times the command can be used successively
>Hope this helps.
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> > I've been working on a module that allows use of sendpass whilst using
>encrypted passwords (i'll contribute the source to Andy when complete for
>inclusion in services), it will work by changing the users password, and
>mailing them that.. but i cant find around other users using it miliciously
>to aggrovate others..
> >
> > anyone got any idea on how this can be resolved? thanks :)
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