[IRCServices Coding] UPDATE: SENDPASS with encryption...

Craig McLure Craig at chatspike.net
Tue Feb 10 11:16:06 PST 2004

Just a quick update on my module.. the 'Basis' of it has been coded, i did that on the first day, i'm planning on creating a database to store the info so if services goes down, then there wont be a problem, I'm currently in detroit on holiday atm,so the module wont be finished untill i get home on the 21st at least.. however, it does exist, and is entering a trial 'alpha' stage. It will be an independant module that will be loaded instead of the default sendpass module. However, it should work without encryption enabled :)

Just though i would keep you all informed.. if you wanna donate for the work i'm doing as it consumes a lot of my time, contact me privatly.. thanks :) (Please note, you dont have to donate, the module will be freely avaliable once complete :)

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