[IRCServices Coding] ***BUG*** SQLINE

Craig Edwards brain at winbot.co.uk
Sun Mar 28 03:27:55 PST 2004

seems its doing this with all qlines, not just that one perm sqline...

>We have the same problem here....
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>From: "Craig Edwards" <brain at winbot.co.uk>
>To: "ircservices-coding" <ircservices-coding at ircservices.za.net>
>Sent: Saturday, March 27, 2004 11:28 PM
>Subject: [IRCServices Coding] ***BUG*** SQLINE
>> We have just upgraded to the latest ircservices and unrealircd, and when
>we have a permenant SQLINE set (this was set before the new version was
>installed) the services server continually sets and unsets the qline (it
>didnt used to do this and its quite annoying):
>> [20:20] --- Client connecting on port 6667: WinWibble
>(WinWibble at [clients]
>> [20:20] --- *** Permanent Global Q:line added for WinWibble* on Sat Mar 27
>20:20:22 2004 GMT (from services.chatspike.net: Reserved nickname: Please
>set your bots nickname from the configure tab and try again)
>> [20:20] --- services.chatspike.net removed Global Q:line WinWibble* (set
>at Sat Mar 27 20:20:22 2004 - reason: Reserved nickname: Please set your
>bots nickname from the configure tab and try again)
>> Any way to get it to stick like it used to? The qline that causes this is:
>> /OS SQLINE ADD +0 WinWibble* Please set your bots nickname from the
>configure tab and try again
>> Thanks,
>> Brain
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