[IRCServices Coding] Bug using svs4-db in svs5 (autodeop/nojoin-level)

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Tue Mar 30 22:19:24 PST 2004

     Correct you are; fixed for the next release, thanks.

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org

>yesterday, a user told our staff that he was not able to op users who were
>not on the channel's access list.
>[19:41:58] *** Mode change [+o testuser] on channel #quizzing by papillio
>[19:41:58] *** Mode change [-o testuser] on channel #quizzing by ChanServ
>=ChanServ=   Information for channel #quizzing:
>=ChanServ=   Options: Topic Retention, Op-Notice
>As you can see, Secureops is deactivated.
>Trying to op via '/chanserv op #quizzing testuser' results in:
>=ChanServ=   Unable to op testuser on channel #quizzing.
>On our network, we've been using Services5 for about a month. Before, we
>used Services4; the channel #quizzing was registered under version 4 and the
>founder modified the level settings completely. He also set AUTODEOP to
>level 4. This was the problem:
>After some investigation I found out that the level settings were
>_completely_ taken over to Services5, including the level settings of
>AUTODEOP and NOJOIN. As you know, in Services5 AUTODEOP and NOJOIN should
>always be fixed to -1 and -100, and they are invisible to the user. To check
>this, I modified services to also show those two levels in '/chanserv levels
>=ChanServ=   Access level settings for channel #quizzing:
>=ChanServ=   _AUTODEOP     40
>=ChanServ=   _NOJOIN      -20
>The values were simply converted (new level=old level*10 in this case) like
>any other level and are also being used to check user rights.
>So if you have registered channels with Services4 with a positive AUTODEOP
>or NOJOIN level and then use Services5, users without an access list entry
>or too low access level may not be able to join the channel or get opped.
>Since NOJOIN and AUTODEOP-settings can't be changed in v5, the founder has
>to use '/chanserv levels reset' to work around this problem.
>I was able to reproduce this bug with a new installation of Services 4.5.45
>with clean databases, then using Services 5.0.29.
>Hopefully this will get fixed in the next services release, i.e. by setting
>both levels to -1 and -100 after reading the database.
>If there are any problems understanding me/the bug, please ask.. ;)
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