[IRCServices Coding] Feature request: No logonnews after netsplit

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Sun Apr 11 00:15:15 PDT 2004

     This issue has been raised before.  Unfortunately, it's not as simple
as you suggest; for example, new users may have logged on while the server
was not connected to Services, or it could be a brand-new installation of
Services or the introduction of a new server (in which case you'd _want_
the news sent out).  I am considering options for 5.1 or later, but this is
too complex an issue to be addressed in 5.0.

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org

>Hi all,
>i think it would be very useful if services could detect when a netmerge (of
>any server on its own net, at any time) is completed. This would bring the
>following advantages/features:
>1.) If you know that a server is linking at the moment and merging its data
>with the net by sending its users, channels, etc., you would also be able to
>determine whether a new user (from services' point of view) is just being
>introduced as part of the netmerge and was still on his server or logged
>onto his server shortly ago.
>Currently services send their logonnews to every "new" user they see on the
>net, even if this user has already received them during his irc session.
>2.) Services would be able to wait until a linking server has completed its
>netmerge and then set chanmodes like autoop/voice - but only if necessary.
>All in all it would reduce the services traffic and the annoyance level for
>the users in case of a netsplit or svs restart.
>I think there is an easy way to determine the end of an netmerge without
>help of any special ircd features:
>You just need to send a PING to any new server on the net. If we can assume
>that every ircd software first sends all its own nicks/chans/.. and then
>starts to reply to commands, you should get the PONG after receiving all
>netmerge specific data. Before this PONG is being received, logonnews
>shouldn't be sent to users on this server and they also shouldn't get autoop
>or autovoice. When we get the PONG, we need to recheck the
>autoop/autovoice-status of every user on the server that just linked.
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