[IRCServices Coding] ChanServ suggestion

Craig McLure Craig at chatspike.net
Tue Apr 13 17:33:30 PDT 2004

The problem with 'Patches' are that Andy wont support the version of services you are using (even if the bug being discussed is a services one, additional code makes GDB a pain in the ass), and (Depending on the size), it could cause problems with future official Patches.

I find modules much easier to maintain too.

The only downside may be the additional overhead (but from what i've seen and coded, this overhead is minimal).

But i agree, a patch would be best for this. Its hard to balance the advantages / disadvantages thou.

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>Craig McLure wrote:
>> I have asked about this before, and Andrew responded by 
>> saying that this would be relativly redundant. The Access 
>> changing is a 'one-off' event, generally an op would be able 
>> to perform the mode changes if nessecery.
>Since IIRC services performs some checks when adding a user to the access
>list (e.g. checking for a registered nick), it should be a minimal change to
>"set mode if online". I suspect if there is sufficient support on list, this
>might be thought about.
>> Dont get me wrong thou, i still think this would be a nice 
>> feature. (I may even concider looking into making a module to 
>> do this at a later date.)
>A patch might be a better option since a module seems overkill for this and
>would likely involve a much higher overhead than checking during the "add"
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