[IRCServices Coding] bahamut 1.8.0

Jon Christopherson jon at jons.org
Mon May 10 20:34:14 PDT 2004

Hello Andy,

	Sorry for not replying to your message directly, I had to turn
digest mode off. 

	Yes, there is a CHANGELOG for the new version. Here it is:

	Changes for 1.8.0

- Removed backwards compatibility for:
        - NOQUIT
        - UNCONNECT
        - TSMODE
        - NICKIP
  All of these modes are now REQUIRED.
- Removed Code and defines for outdated stuff:
        - NO_MIXED_CASE
        - OLD_Y_LIMIT
  This code is no longer used.
- Removed define options for:
        - CLIENT_COUNT
  This code is now manditory.
- Completely rewrote configuration structures.
- Rewrote methods for connecting to servers.
- Outdated Link structure config linking, now linking directly from
  aClient(user/serv) structures to appropriate conf strucutures.
- Backported lucas's aListener structure and routines from defunct
  bahamut-devel tree.
- Implemented +I/+e channel lists - thanks seddy.
- Ports now can be opened and closed on /rehash
- config file format changed to bind-style
- klinefile outdated
- replaced dbufs with sbufs - shared buffers.
- removed old High Traffic Mode (HTM) code
- config option block added to outdate use of ./config script
- fixes for solaris and OSX compatibility
- Added support for /dev/poll and epoll socket engines - thanks seddy.
- Moved m_server and m_dkey into m_server.c
- Moved m_stats into m_stats.c
- Fixed memory counting routines.  Thanks Quension!
- Outdated modules.ini and all inifile uses - now a modules {} conf block
- Updated m_module to allow non-admin viewing of hooks and loaded modules
- Added module hooks for user and channel targetted privmsgs


	Jon Christopherson