[IRCServices Coding] Help

Chris Jenkinson chris at starglade.org
Thu Jul 15 11:19:01 PDT 2004

Craig McLure wrote:

> well, the basics are the following:
> Learn your linking protocol
> Make a note of all the features you want
> Decide what would make your services better than others
> Make sure you have plenty of coding ability (including sockets, and file reading / writing)
> That should be about it, all thats left to say, is good luck

Most people who want to do this have a healthy helping of number 2 and 
3, a small understanding of number 1, and most likely hardly any number 4 ;)

I'm working on some IRC services at the moment, I'm prototyping them in 
PHP. Writing client/servers is a great deal harder than single shot 
scripts (for example web pages)!


Chris Jenkinson
chris at starglade.org