[IRCServices Coding] A couple of FreeBSD notes..

Craig McLure Craig at frostycoolslug.com
Thu Jul 22 10:18:42 PDT 2004

i did a gmake clean, and removed Makefile.inc, re-ran ./configure.. and although -d wasnt in cp anymore, -ldl was still appearing in the newly generated Makefile.inc

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>On Tue, Jul 20, 2004 at 01:16:38AM +0100, Craig McLure wrote:
>> FreeBSD greymatter 5.2.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE #0
>> gcc version 3.3.3 [FreeBSD] 20031106
>> GNU Make 3.80
>After reading your e-mail, I tested a build of IRCServices 5.0.36 on
>FreeBSD 5.2-CURRENT (as of Jun 12).
>> I had a couple of problems when compiling services under FreeBSD, the first was when compiling, services uses LIBS = -ldl in Makefile.inc, when in fact it needs to be -Ldl (capitol L)
>Did you copy this source tree from Linux or some other OS and neglect to do
>a `gmake clean` and rerun configure? FreeBSD 5 (and 4) have no need for libdl
>in order to use the dl*() functions necessary for the modules in IRCServices.
>Changing -ldl to -Ldl works because the -L argument sets a library search
>path. A valid use of -L would be something like -L/usr/local/lib or
>-L/usr/home/smkelly/mylibs/. You should just omit the -Ldl or -ldl bit
>> also, in make install, -d isnt a valid param when using /bin/cp (when copying  "data/helpfiles")
>You need to do a `gmake clean` and run ./configure again. The configure
>file specifically sets ${CP_ALL} to not contain a -d argument on FreeBSD.
>It only adds the -d on CYGWIN and Linux. Note that in my `gmake install`
>output below, there is no -d in the cp line.
>gmake[1]: Entering directory `/usr/home/smkelly/ircservices-5.0.36/data'
>/bin/cp -pr helpfiles "/usr/home/smkelly/ircservices/lib"
>chmod -R 700 "/usr/home/smkelly/ircservices/lib/helpfiles"
>find "/usr/home/smkelly/ircservices/lib/helpfiles" -type f -exec chmod 600 '{}' \;
>Doing a `gmake clean` and rerunning ./configure should solve your problems.
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