[IRCServices Coding] Nick Collision problem

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Wed Sep 15 06:20:46 PDT 2004

     This looks like an ircd problem, perhaps a bug or a server

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org

>below is part of my log related to issue. Now what is strange is that we
>set to forcefully change nick of a user to guest etc.. In this
>particular case the user keeps on getting nick collisions. Is there any
>reason for this because I cant think that there is a duplicate of the
>guest username and there are a couple of these kills. I made sure the
>Guest nick is not same everytime.
>[Sep 07 11:45:36.970602 2004] debug: Sent: :NickServ NOTICE Jai :This
>nickname is registered and protected.  If it is your nickname, type
>^B/msg NickServ IDENTIFY ^_password^_^B.  Otherwise, please choose a
>different nickname.
>[Sep 07 11:45:36.970858 2004] debug: Sent: :NickServ NOTICE Jai :If you
>do not change within 20 seconds, I will change your
>[Sep 07 11:45:36.971021 2004] debug: Sent: :NickServ SVSMODE Jai :-r
>[Sep 07 11:45:49.344823 2004] debug: Sent: :services.some.net 433 Jai
>Jai :Nickname is registered to someone else
>[Sep 07 11:45:59.184836 2004] debug: Sent: :NickServ NOTICE Jai :This
>nickname has been registered; you may not use it.  Your nickname is now
>being changed to ^BGuest1777974487^B.
>[Sep 07 11:45:59.185155 2004] debug: Sent: :services.some.net SVSNICK
>Jai Guest1777974487 :1094550359
>[Sep 07 11:45:59.711496 2004] debug: Received: :Jai NICK Guest1777974487
>[Sep 07 11:45:59.711711 2004] debug: Jai changes nick to Guest1777974487
>[Sep 07 11:45:59.711969 2004] debug: Sent: NICK Jai 1 1094550359 +
>enforcer some.net services.some.net 0 0 :NickServ Enforcement
>[Sep 07 11:45:59.712316 2004] debug: Sent: :NickServ SVSMODE
>Guest1777974487 :-r
>[Sep 07 11:46:00.106838 2004] debug: Received: :someserver.some.net KILL
>Guest1777974487 : someserver.some.net (Nick Collision)
>[Sep 07 11:46:00.107081 2004] debug: Guest1777974487 killed
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