[IRCServices Coding] RE: BotServ

Craig McLure Craig at frostycoolslug.com
Wed Dec 29 01:19:02 PST 2004

Haha, nice to see my code is going to use somewhere, i'd recognise my 
comments anywhere :D

When it comes to botserv, services isnt very supporting, mainly because, 
by design services are not supposed to idle in channels.

You're not the first person to take our idleserv code, and try to make a 
botserv out of it, but for the reason that its not possible (several 
complexities in the services core), no one has succeeded.

services pseudoclients generally dont listen to channels, it would fill 
their buffer with a LOT of useless information. Although managing the 
pseudoclients would be a pain, but possible (Just make sure botserv 
doesnt identify a real service as a bot)

When a pseudoclient joins a channel, services isnt actually aware of it, 
so it wont set channel modes etc on that channel

those are just a couple of the issues that will have to be overcome for 
this module to work. (And is why we kept it at just idleserv).

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Andreas Wilmes wrote:
> Hello,
> Will be programmed a BotServ for ircservices? I have began, but i have Problems with do_bot. I does not know how to programm this, i have an Code (please see attachement).
> does someone have interest making BotServ?
> Sorry for my English 
> &
> Best regards
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