[IRCServices Coding] Some points for 5.1

Kieron Thwaites ron2k.za at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 08:29:19 PST 2006

Firstly, congratulations to Andy for getting the first version of 5.1
released. Sorry to hear that you're quitting Services development

There are a few issues with 5.1 that I'd like to mention:

- I enabled encryption for the first time when using 5.1, and dumped
the XML output to file immediately afterwards to see the results
(after saving the databases, obviously). I noticed that all the
channel founder passwords had "cipher=md5" included in the XML tag,
even when the passwords were still unencrypted. (The nickname
passwords appear to be fine though.) If you want me to, I can
privately send you the XML file so you can see what I'm talking about
- it's not very big (only 3 nicks and 10 channels).

- Is there any way that news items can be included in the XML dump? I
don't know about the rest of the users out there, but I personally
find it very annoying having to manually re-enter them after restoring
corrupt databases, transferring my data between versions 5.0 and 5.1,

- I can understand your reasons for removing support for the channel
owner mode, but I think that there might be some controversy over this
one. Would it be possible for third party module coders to add support
for this mode? (For the record, the aforementioned module coder won't
be me; I don't know any C :P)

Once again, thanks for the release.