[IRCServices Coding] xml-import

Vitaliy Ovsyannikov V.Ovsyannikov at kr.ru
Tue Jan 17 02:45:43 PST 2006

Hello, IRC.

>      I've fixed the problem, thanks for the report.  I'll put out a new
> release shortly.

I'm glad to see it, thanks.

>      Also, your mail server is rejecting mail from me; please see
> http://achurch.org/dnsbl.html .

Actually, there are no DNSBL checks on my server. DNSBLs are very
incorrect in some cases. Your relay was rejected by my filters.
It was hostname regex filter:

# hostnames with repeating digits (5 digits or more)
/\d{5,}/                                        REJECT filter 01009
against your host p10218-ipbffx02hodogaya.kanagawa.ocn.ne.jp[]

I recommend you to setup reverse DNS record in good style. ('achurch.org' for
example) Alot of servers are using such filters to determine sender
is in dynamic/dhcp pools. Please have it in your mind.

Vitaliy Ovsyannikov
JSC Skala, Krasnoyarsk, Russia