[IRCServices Coding] 5.1 Suggestion: Aliases.

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Sun Jan 22 20:21:01 PST 2006

>On chatspike, i've modified a few files for 'convieniance' purposes, 
>adding things like id -> handle_identify and what not, what would be 
>nice, if it were possible to configure some of these in the 
>configuration file, rather than having to modifying the core :)

     You could just make a module with something like

extern char *s_NickServ;
int do_privmsg(const char *source, const char *target, char *buf)
    if (irc_stricmp(target, s_NickServ) == 0
     && stricmp(buf, "ID", 2)
     && isspace(buf[2]
    ) {
        memmove(buf+8, buf+2, strlen(buf+8));
        memcpy(buf, "IDENTIFY", 8);
    return 0;
int init_module()
    // ...
    add_callback_pri(NULL, "m_privmsg", do_privmsg, CBPRI_MAX); // called first
    // ...

which is rather kludgey in that it relies on `buf' being writeable and
having room for 6 more bytes (which should always be true), but it doesn't
require modifying the core.  I'll think about a more general solution,

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org