[IRCServices Coding] Re: GLOBOPS error on server and services

Robin Burchell surreal.w00t at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 20:01:57 PST 2006

Andrew Church wrote:
> [moved from the main list]
>>The mismatched modules error.. I'm guessing you're using InspIRCd from 
>>that error? - Load the `globops' module in your ircd configuration.
>      While we're on this, what changes need to be made to the default
> InspIRCD configuration to work with the Services module?  Is there any way
> to detect the presence or absence of these modules to avoid disconnections
> like this?
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Yes, by looking at the CABAP message sent on connection you would be
able to error out if the IRCd didn't have the appropriate modules. See: