[IRCServices Coding] Recieving all PRIVMSG

Robin Burchell surreal.w00t at gmail.com
Tue Mar 28 10:41:24 PST 2006

I'm sure you'll find that is IRCd behaviour, and not Services. Services 
don't expect to recieve any channel messages, so the '!' behaviour won't 
be built in there.

I've done similar before, so I know this is the case ;p.

Jason farklem wrote:
> This is my first time using a mailing list so I hope I am replying 
> correctly (sorry if I'm not).  I allready have the pseudoclient join the 
> channel.  But the m_privmsg callback only picks up on channel messages 
> that start with !.  It assumes that anything after the ! is a command.