[IRCServices Coding] Services 5.1a9 released

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Thu Jun 22 04:37:09 PDT 2006

     Services 5.1a9 has been released, and can be downloaded from:

http://www.ircservices.esper.net/download/testing/   (Japan)
ftp://ftp.esper.net/ircservices/testing/             (Western USA)

6db86b05054de8837322649b5b924333  ircservices-5.1a9.tar.gz
5371d465009306188ca73012ebbad5c2  ircservices-5.1a9.diff.gz
68f7ed8e46c548f701fcbe48f39d0028  ircservices-5.1a9-1.i386.rpm
1f01937c57ef1a451616b273ff78b2ec  ircservices_5.1a9-1_i386.deb

The mirrors should have it shortly.

     Aside from the changes in 5.0.58, this release fixes several bugs of
varying severity in the socket and configuration file handling code.  I've
also added 64-bit integer types (int64 and uint64), which are checked for
by the configure script; you'll now need a compilation environment that
supports either int64_t or a 64-bit long or long long type in order to
compile Services (hopefully everybody has that by now).

Changes in version 5.1a9
2006/06/22	Fixed bug in configuration file handling causing
		    function-processed directives like LoadModule to break.
2006/06/22	Added int64 and uint64 types, and added a check to
		    configure to find appropriate system types for them.
2006/06/22	Added robustness to socket code in out-of-memory conditions.
2006/06/22	Changed select() call to not assume that the timeval struct
		    is valid after the call.
2006/06/22	Changed the socket code to use recv() and send() on sockets
		    instead of read() and write().
2006/06/22	Fixed potential bug causing accepted sockets' mute status
		    to get out of sync with internal tables.
2006/06/22	Corrected handling of nested socket callbacks.
2006/06/22	Renamed NET_MIN_BUFSIZE constant to SOCK_MIN_BUFSIZE, and
		    moved it from defs.h to sockets.h.
2006/06/19	Fixed a typo in the OperServ AKILL/SLINE CLEAR syntax
		    message.  Reported by <RealCFC at chatfirst.com>

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org