Tetrinet for Linux

Here can be found the latest version of Tetrinet for Linux, a Linux version of the popular Windows multiplayer Tetris game. The current version is 0.10. (This may actually work on other Unix-like operating systems, if they have the ncurses library; version 0.7a has been reported to run under OpenBSD/i386 and Solaris/sparc64.) This version does not support Xwindows graphics; it runs in text mode only, and requires a 50-line or larger display (see the README for details).

Tetrinet was originally conceived by St0rmCat. (He has asked to no longer be contacted with regard to Tetrinet.)

See the README file in either archive (or online) for more information on compiling/using Tetrinet.

Andrew Church
Last updated: 24 June 2003