[IRCServices Coding] Aliasing not working

RGC Ministries admin at rgcministries.com
Wed Jul 3 16:10:34 PDT 2002

I belive the below to be a bug in the 5.0

when I attempt to /NS /MS /OS I dont get anything although I do with /MSG
nickserv ....

IRCD = Unreal3.2-Selene[beta10]
Services = ircservices-5.0pre5

Unreal aliasing is working as I Have it set for my Bot and I can use /RB to
communicate to it

but when I try to communicate to services I cant get the /alias to work.

I am using the built in Conf alias/ircservices   settings which worked in
v4.5 of services the
the only change I made was to go to v5.0 services.

there is no mention of anything in the Logs so I didnt include them here.