AW: [IRCServices Coding] Some IMHO usefull features

Yusuf Iskenderoglu uhc0 at
Sun Sep 22 02:15:05 PDT 2002


> Suspend does prevent registering AND using of the channel, while my
> feature suggestion just prevents registering. We came up with this
> feature afer every single channel gets registerd with 
> #ttnet_channelname
> (the network is called TTNet). As it is our Network policy 
> that channels
> starting with #ttnet may just be registerd by our network stuff, it is
> quite annoying to stop/drop/suspend these channels all the time, while
> with this feature does allow us to prevent this from scratch. 

Can you also explain us, why the JUPITER command I wrote cannot do this
task ?
Bahamut also provides channel quarantine capability via the SQLINE
Even if services does not support jupitering channels, /jupiter is still


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