[IRCServices Coding] OP/Voice upon identify

Craig McLure Craig at chatspike.net
Sat Aug 30 18:06:58 PDT 2003

it would thou.. they would have to be able to switch off auto-op for a single channel..
you could always use /cs levels to change the 'auto op' level up.. so that no one is auto-opped..

or /cs levels #channels DISABLE autoop

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>On Sun, 2003-08-31 at 01:16, Andrew Church wrote:
>>      Needless complexity.  If you don't want yourself autoopped, then don't
>> be an auto-op.  It's that simple.
>I disagree.  In my case, I wanted to create a channel where there were
>no ops so users don't have to endure lame op-wars, etc.  However, I did
>need to maintain a level of control over the channel to protect from
>extremely obnoxious behavior or lame bots, etc.  By registering as
>founder of the channel I induced the unwanted 'auto-op' behavior.   My
>only solution was to register another fake user to become channel
>founder and set their nick to noexpire.  That to me seems like needless
>complexity.  A simple check to see if the user wishes to be opped or not
>is not complex.
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