[IRCServices Coding] Re: Akill problem in 5.0.22

Ballsy ballsy at mystical.net
Fri Oct 17 11:20:16 PDT 2003

         To save the rest of us from having to put up with more bickering, 
it may be of note that I had to comment out 'EnableExclude' in order for my 
immediate-kill functionality to work under bahamut (I know, you're using 
Unreal).  All the ImmediatelySendAkill does is informs all linked services 
that they should add an Akill.  It's then up to those servers to decide how 
to deal with it.


At 10:18 AM 17/10/2003, Saturn wrote:
>Well, Andrew, I did read TFM.  For what it's worth, all I found was this
>entry under the description of the module options
>ImmediatelySendAutokill    [OPTIONAL]
>     Causes OperServ to inform all servers of a new autokill or autokill
>exclusion the moment it is added, rather than waiting for someone to match
>it first.
>     Example: ImmediatelySendAutokill
>I read through the section about AKILLs and SQline, SGline, SZline, etc,
>however all of what I read indicates that simply enabling the
>ImmediatelySendAutokill option in the modules.conf (coupled with the fact
>that everything ELSE is set up and workign properly) SHOULD cause services
>to immediately scan the network for clients matching the akill mask, and
>kill them.
>My point, sir, is that IT DOES NOT DO THIS.  Thus, I'm sure you'll find, I
>HAVE in fact read the f___ manual, and the manual does not address this
>problem.  If it doesn't matter to you, fine, but if it does, let's try and
>get on with maybe solving the problem?
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> >Haven't seen a reply to this one, so thought I'd better make sure this went
> >through....
> >
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> >Subject: Akill problem in 5.0.22
> >
> >
> >Running 5.0.22 on Unreal 3.1.7b1 (same as 3.1.6 except they fixed that
> >duplicate exit system notice that happens in 3.1.6).
> >
> >I just today added an akill (+0 time) .. I DO have the immediate auto kill
> >option un-commented in the modules.conf, but it still didn't bother
> >for victims matching my akill mask nor did it actually KILL anyone... It
> >works if they are manually killed and then try to re-connect, but I thought
> >that new option was so Services will immediately scan for and kill anyone
> >online that matches the mask as soon as the new akill is added...
> >
> >First: IS that what it's supposed to do?
> >
> >Second: If so, it's not working...
> >
> >Saturn
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> >
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