[IRCServices Coding] send_cmd in non-protocol modules

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Sun May 8 09:09:06 PDT 2005

     I'm a bit too tired right now to go into exhaustive detail, but the
basic issue is that Services is designed (and has been designed from the
start) around a core feature set, which includes, among other things, the
NOTICE message.  Redesigning Services to eliminate those assumptions is a
_lot_ of work--it's the kind of thing that belongs in an x.0 development
cycle.  And as I've probably mentioned from time to time, I don't like
adding quick and dirty hacks to support new features; that way lies
madness.  If I still have any energy left for Services after finishing up
version 5.1, ask me then, but for the time being Services will remain

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org

>IRC is changing. It has been changing since day one, the software which 
>is used for IRC must change with it. IRCServices is being left behind by 
>other software which *does* tolerate changes to the spec, and it saddens 
>me to see software i love becoming deprecated because of it :-(
>I'm sure there are many IRCu users out there who would disagree with 
>your opinion, and as it stands ircservices simply cannot support them, 
>even though it is one of the most popular IRCds. I'd say this ircd has 
>more problems than mine as mine is tolerant to 'assumptions' and will 
>rewrite the RFC commands to something it understands -- IRCu (P10) will 
>not ;-)
>Andrew Church wrote:
>>>IRCServices 5 has protocol modules which allow it to connect to many 
>>>different kinds of ircds easily. Great idea. However, the core blatantly 
>>>uses send_cmd, and makes assumptions about the format of specific 
>>      This is by design.  The only reason for protocol modules in the first
>> place is to kludge around variations in what ought to be a standard.  If
>> you have an ircd that's so bizarre it can't even understand a NOTICE
>> message, then Services won't support it.  Sorry, but I don't have the time
>> or interest to deal with such software.
>>   --Andrew Church
>>     achurch at achurch.org
>>     http://achurch.org/
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