[IRCServices] Services Segfaults when a ChanServ akick enforce is used...

Ciarán Reilly Ciaran.reilly at ntlworld.com
Mon Aug 14 03:19:28 PDT 2000

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could provide any info on this : 
I'm using Services 4.3.3 on the Elite3.1.1 ircD. Normally things are fine, but lately, when a user does an Akick enforce, Services segfaults and terminates, I'm left with this in the log : 
[Aug 14 00:41:51 2000] PANIC! buffer = :oasis PRIVMSG chanserv :akick #lobby enforce
[Aug 14 00:41:51 2000] Services terminating: Segmentation fault 
Is this a known bug, or a misconfiguration on my part ? If its a bug, how do I go about resolving it ? 
On another note, everytime I start Services the log records a smalloc: Illegal attempt to allocate 0 bytes. Services continues to run after this though, I was just wondering, could this cause problems ? 
Any help much appreciated, I'm pretty new to the Services code.