[IRCServices] FTP server on ftp.esper.net updated

Ian R. Justman ianj at esper.net
Thu Feb 8 13:29:41 PST 2001

Hi, all.

ftp.esper.net's ftpd has been upgraded from ProFTPD 1.2.0rc2 to 1.2.0rc3
and has been switched from inetd to standalone.

If anyone was having problems with passive transfers, those should be
fixed.  I have observed some of my non-anonymous users have problems with
passive transfers in 1.2.0rc2, plus I have seen this myself as well.

Plus going to a self-forking model should improve performance as well.

If anyone's encountering any problems or has questions, please let me

--Ian R. Justman, Co-Founder and Postmaster, The EsperNet IRC Network.

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