[IRCServices] Minor Cosmetics and Sglines

dreamer at darkness.gr dreamer at darkness.gr
Sun Feb 18 09:38:57 PST 2001

Greetings all,
	A couple of months ago , at one of my posts i was mentioning an
initial Sgline and Szline implementation. It is still available for those
who would like it, its just 2 functions and nothing more. I believe that
andrew will soon a better one, i hadn't got time even to add a db for the
sg, sz lines but still they work fine :)

Sgline are quite good since adding a geco, a realname, could prevent
clones from entering the network. (eg, clones from users/abusers using
multiple socks server, and having a random 2 characters' real name. an /os
sgline ?? No clones, could keep the net clear) I guess until they modify
their code to use variable length gecos.

I would like to suggest also, to put timestamp and the nick of the user
who puts an akick to a channel, at the reason. So users will know who to
address and for what reason.

Finally, looking at the changes file of ircservices-4.5pre7 i notice the
first comment and felt sorry. I believe that most of us , here, feel proud
to be listed at the changes file, for an idea, or a bug fix, and we still
appreciate the work done by Andrew, both Kempe and Church. Sometimes maybe
we are fascinated with something that we found wrong, still we don't want
to insult someone, but we might do so, due to enthusiasm.

My best regards,
Nick Krassas
Dinos @ irc.gr
ircadmin at darkness.gr