[IRCServices] Re: Weird registration/ID issue

Robin Burchell surreal.w00t at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 19:08:30 PST 2007

Have another 'no output' situation from the same copy of services,
reproducable with two people at least.

-> dexter.chatspike.net PRIVMSG nickserv :info [OPA]spaceRaptor
-> dexter.chatspike.net PRIVMSG nickserv :info [OPA]spaceRaptor all
<- :NickServ!services at chatspike.net NOTICE w00t :[OPA]spaceRaptor is
<- :NickServ!services at chatspike.net NOTICE w00t :   Last seen time:
May 30 03:40:27 2006 BST
<- :NickServ!services at chatspike.net NOTICE w00t :  Time registered:
Sep 18 23:55:31 2003 BST
<- :NickServ!services at chatspike.net NOTICE w00t :Last quit message:
[CS] Quit: <[OPA]Anonymous> imagine if the fighter won, due to zedds
random battle code ****Our Enemys Should Fear Us. Our Current Allys
Should Depend On Us. And All Others Should Be Cannon Fodder Below Our
Feet. GO OPA!!!!****
<- :NickServ!services at chatspike.net NOTICE w00t :          Options:
Kill protection, Security

[02:57:28] <w00t> /ns info [OPA]spaceRaptor
[02:57:32] <w00t> do you get any output?
[02:57:56] <peavey> from?
[02:58:04] <w00t> ^ nickserv, with that command
[03:01:35] <peavey> ah no
[03:01:37] <peavey> nothing
[03:01:42] <w00t> no output?
[03:01:53] <peavey> /ns info [OPA]spaceRaptor ALL
[03:01:57] <peavey> but I do from that

Again, seems like a random case, but any ideas on what's going on here
or how to furthre diagnose the problem would be nice.

On 1/12/07, Robin Burchell <surreal.w00t at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ok.. this is just plain bizarre.
> Had a user come in today and report they are unable to identify as of
> today/yesterday or so. Excuse my copypasting of logs.
> [12:48:15] <xxx> it appears services refuse to mark me as having
> identified for my nickname... if I intentionally type a wrong password
> I get a "wrong password" notice, but if I use the right one, I get no
> such notice, but no identified status either
> [13:05:04] <@w00t> hmm what client are you using
> [13:05:41] <+xxx> vanilla mirc
> [13:05:46] <@w00t> reconnect
> [13:05:50] <@w00t> /debug @d
> [13:05:54] <@w00t> identify with services
> [13:06:00] <@w00t> PM me the output from the @d window
> then in PM..
> [13:07:27] <xxx> interestingly, the debug window shows no information
> coming back after sending the normal password.
> [13:07:42] <w00t> how are you identifying
> [13:07:56] <xxx> /nickserv as well as /ns
> [13:08:03] <w00t> try /msg nickserv
> ..same result
> His NS INFO showed him offline. Normally I'd leave this as a joke, but
> he gave me his password (vaeiiliandor). I register a nickname
> (Somenick), auth it, disconnect, reconnect, try login, same result ..
> no output from services.
> He says it worked fine until yesterday or so, we're running 5.0.55,
> compiled on October.
> Any ideas on what could cause this one? If relevant, I'll ask Brain /
> Craig to check Services' logs as I currently do not have access to the
> hub.
> Forgive me if ths turns out to be something stupid. :P