[IRCServices] Weird registration/ID issue

Robin Burchell surreal.w00t at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 05:34:41 PST 2007

Ok.. this is just plain bizarre.

Had a user come in today and report they are unable to identify as of
today/yesterday or so. Excuse my copypasting of logs.

[12:48:15] <xxx> it appears services refuse to mark me as having
identified for my nickname... if I intentionally type a wrong password
I get a "wrong password" notice, but if I use the right one, I get no
such notice, but no identified status either
[13:05:04] <@w00t> hmm what client are you using
[13:05:41] <+xxx> vanilla mirc
[13:05:46] <@w00t> reconnect
[13:05:50] <@w00t> /debug @d
[13:05:54] <@w00t> identify with services
[13:06:00] <@w00t> PM me the output from the @d window

then in PM..

[13:07:27] <xxx> interestingly, the debug window shows no information
coming back after sending the normal password.
[13:07:42] <w00t> how are you identifying
[13:07:56] <xxx> /nickserv as well as /ns
[13:08:03] <w00t> try /msg nickserv

..same result

His NS INFO showed him offline. Normally I'd leave this as a joke, but
he gave me his password (vaeiiliandor). I register a nickname
(Somenick), auth it, disconnect, reconnect, try login, same result ..
no output from services.

He says it worked fine until yesterday or so, we're running 5.0.55,
compiled on October.

Any ideas on what could cause this one? If relevant, I'll ask Brain /
Craig to check Services' logs as I currently do not have access to the

Forgive me if ths turns out to be something stupid. :P