[IRCServices] Regarding Founder Passwords

J. King opticphase at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 23:32:17 PDT 2007


On 3/16/07, Andrew Church <achurch at achurch.org> wrote:
> >Say I identify to a channel with the founder password, and I am either
> not
> >in the room or have left the room. Is there a time limit as to when the
> >'founder access' expires, or is that data only destroyed when I
> disconnect
> >or otherwise part from my registered nickname?
>      Services keeps track of channels you have identified for as long
> as you are connected to IRC, even if you change your nickname.  (The
> assumption is that if you know the password for the channel, you're
> authorized to perform founder actions on that channel, and that fact
> won't change regardless of what other actions you might take on IRC.)
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