[IRCServices] forceload option automatically runs

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Thu May 17 14:55:06 PDT 2007

>Hi, It would be a nice thing just to remove the old version 4 database
>support as with xml export import features there is really no need for
>version 4 support.  For now it is a nice thing to have for users who
>might want to still use the databases but really sometime soon it should
>be removed.

     Removing the database/version4 module would prevent users who have
upgraded to 5.1 from being able to read their old databases (even to
export them), so I won't be doing this.

>Another thing I noticed is when I used the -export option
>and I already had another copy of services running it tried to start the
>httpd module and exitted with the bind error address already in use.  I
>had to shutdown services, export the databases then restart version 5.0
>again.  It would be nice if the -export or -import is given services
>would just check and not load all of the modules just the ones for xml
>export and or import so the already runing copy would not need to be

     I'm aware of this as an issue; however, due to the design of Services
it's not easy to fix in the general case, so I don't know if I'll be able
to correct this for 5.1.  The workaround is to disable the HTTP server
modules before running ircservices -export.

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org